Review of T-25 Shaun T’s newest workout

This is a review of the new workouts from Shaun T called T25.   I’ve heard so many people asking about them saying what are they like? Well, I have tried a couple of them and they are intense(like Insanity Pure Cardio without the break) and only 25 Minutes (which would make it great for a workout when I am camping).  I wanted to give you a full review so, I scrounged around the Beachbody threads and have found a fairly nice write up that summarizes T-25.  

- DVDS come in cardboard folders (sigh)
- 30 second lawyers warning not skippable, shakeology ad replacing web site ad is skippable
- a couple DVDs have 3 minute warmups involving jack or similar jumping, a couple just start into initial round
- workouts have Shaun, 2 men, 2 women (Tanya shows mod moves)
- cool downs are stretching active and static, Shaun alone, extra 3 minutes beyond the 25

- Shaun says gamma phase is strength: includes 3 strength workouts, 1 cardio workout
- strength workouts are all high rep, low weight (men using 12 pound DBs), remind me of A2 circuit workout DB part. 
- little leg work, 
also, to me, overemphasize shoulders and arms at expense of chest and especially back
- intensity comes from burn out at high reps with low or no weight
- for me, too much repetition of this type of workout to consider doing the month-long schedule

- the single cardio workout, Speed 3, looks tough due to large number of “burpee” moves; not sure of intensity until I do it
- by intensity, I mean sustained high heart rate, not just working up a sweat or feeling tired

- pet peeve: calls moves burpees but I think burpee should involve pushup and jump; I use plank thrust instead 

- Shuaun never takes shirt off! Maybe he is letting his chest hair grow back too?
- more spunk from cast – lots of woo hoos during workouts. 
- Personally, I hate spunk. (Gold star for anyone who knows the 70s TV show this alludes to. Hint: character who said it was also on Roots )

- warmup: slow high knees, jack feet, double jack, front raise jack, pushup off knees to jump
- following rounds all involve pyramids from 1 rep to 8 reps with light weight or just body weight
- hammer curl squat: pyramid 1 up curls to 8, single squat in between
- deadlift and up right row: 1 to 8 pyramid of both, alternating
- unweighted front kick and side lunge (left then right), 1 to 8 pyramid of both, alternating
- active rest: aerobic knee up, to down outside other foot, alternate feet
- pyramid: down dog single to 1-8 pike ups
- pyramid clean and press 
- hook plus squat pyramid up to 8, both sides
- pushup pyramid to childs pose (single child pose to rest briefly from pushups)
- abs: prone single leg lift pyramid
- standing tricep extension pyramid
- active rest: shuffle to Heisman
- C-sit single leg out abs pyramid

- get choice of chin/pullup move or DB move for many back moves
- all moves in following done for 20-30 seconds each
warmup: – split lunge agility, low switch kick, double switch kick low, faster higher switch, upper cut
- wide rows or chins, single row each side (20 seconds)
- superman fly or narrow chin, superman or more chins, recip bicep hammer cuts,
(chins not announced but briefly shown as sub for first two moves)
- recip bicep curl, tricep kickback palms up, kickback palms down, side recip bicep curl
- one leg up single arm shoulder press
- slow pushups, upright rows, faster pushups 
- “shimmy” (half shoulder press, elbows front) (lots of burn-gorans on this)
- showder shrugs, straight arms roate hands behind back
- recip lawn mower rows or chins
- single leg dead lift, deadlift plus shoulder shrug
- lying single arm push presses, knees down, 90 degrees knees, legs straight out, scissors
- down dog to plank, then with single leg lift, single leg pushups to down dog, oblique pushups to down dog
- standing hooks, squatting hooks, jack upper cuts, cross jack upper cuts
- superman pulses with weights, arms forward then back
- single leg curls, single leg tricep press behind neck
- pushup jacks with hands (not legs), then with knee ins, 4 count curls to shoulder press with knee up, then 2 count

- no music off option: all moves are to strict count provided by Shuan
- since moves are continuous with no instruction, learning curve to do workout well
- PART 1: two circuits, three rounds of each circuit, 
- first round 30 seconds per exercise, second round 20 seconds, last round 10 seconds
- ROUND 1:
- turning jacks, turning feet up back, back/front slow knees up, 
- moving jacks with jabs, hop hop turn, burpees wide in out, split lunge/jabs
- sqaut hops, stand then plank walk, plie jab
- repeat, faster more reps (20 seconds)
- repeat 10 seconds
- ROUND 2:
(looks tough — lots of plank thrusts)
- jacks plus hop squats, wide plank thrusts to spider, jabs plus hip thrust, plank thrusts to pushup jacks, knee up and over,
- plank thrusts plus skip abs, power knees, wide plank thrusts to 2 pike ups, power squat to jog back,
- plank thrusts to front kick, 

- PART 2:
- jog recovery 30 seconds
- repeat both round 1 and round 2, 10 seconds each move
- 20 second jog recovery
- repeat both round 1 and round 2, 10 seconds each move

- 5 rounds of 4 exercises each. Do each exercise for one minute, then repeat all 4 for 15 seconds each
- alternate taps with heels holding dbs, up rows, dual sholder press (1 minute), high knees with wieghts held 
- straight leg lifts standing or on chin bar, hammer curls , hammer curls with squat, standing balance on one leg
- plank thrust (optionally to pullup), tricep pushup, half-squats, plank to knees down
- mountain climbers on elbow (optionally from chin bar), plank thrust+front kick, curl in lunge, plank walk with spider
- bent over fly/pullups, shoulder press in plie, walking ski abs, dead lift to hammer curl.

That’s in a nutshell a review of T25.  Weather your life revolves around fitness and nutrition, or you are just starting I hope this provides you with the right information and tools to make the right decision for your functional fitness and motivation to press play.  


Decide. Commit. Succeed.


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